We can start with just about anything and create amazing embroidery, from the simplest doodle on a napkin up to a computer file. That being said, some starting points are easier and will make the process faster (and less expensive) than others!

To create an embroidered design on your shirt, hat or other item, we create a computer program that tells our embroidery machines where, how, and when to create the embroidery stitches. We call this digitizing. If you have your design as a computer file, that eliminates several steps. If you artwork is in a vector format, that is even better. If you do not have a logo yet, we can help you create one (there may be fees for this service).

What artwork formats are acceptable?

We except artwork in any format. Consult your graphic designer to see if your logo is available in a vector format.

Can you design my artwork?

Of course we can! Contact us today for a consultation. One thing to keep in mind that designing for embroidery is different than designing for ink on paper. We are limited by the width of the thread. Tiny lettering and miniscule details will probably need to be adjusted to be translated into excellent embroidery. We always try to keep design modifcations to a minimum and only do them with your knowledge and consent.

Let's get together soon and see what we can do for you with your company name or logo! Give me a call, or email me.


We offer many kinds of apparel and accessory embellishment. Contact us for a consultation to determine the best option for your project.

Screen Print

Screen print is the typical printing for apparel. Factors that affect the price include:

  • How many colors of ink are in your design?
  • How many pieces are being printed (minimum 12)?
  • Where and how big is the print area?
  • What are we printing on (some materials like mesh have a higher cost)?
  • Is your artwork ready for production?
  • Do you need us to design you artwork?


Factors that affect the price include:

  • Is your artwork digitized for production?
  • How many pieces are being embroidered?
  • Where is the item being sewn (items need to fit on an embroidery machine so not all locations are available for embroidery)?
  • How many stitches are in your design?

Vinyl Cut applications

This is for printed projects where the minimum number of pieces is not met. With this process there is typically a set-up fee for customer provided designs. Logos and designs need to be of high enough quality (typically 200 dpi or higher) to be able to be recreated in vector format. Small details and multi-color designs will sometimes need to be adjusted.

We have a large collection of artwork and templates that can be used for your project. Chosing from these production ready designs eliminates any set-up fees.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is an excellent option for printing multi-color and/or detailed logos. This process can put your logo or photo on a variety of materials (this process does not work on all materials). Factors that affect the costs are:

  • How many pieces are being printed?
  • How big is the print area?


Digitizing is a word we use in embroidery. In simple terms, it is the process of creating your image, design or logo on our embroidery machine using thread.

Our embroidery equipment is computerized. It needs to be told when to stitch, where to stitch, how to stitch and with what color - all the details that make your design or logo come out looking like your design/logo! The process of creating the computer program to make the embroidery equipment sew correctly is called digitizing.

Great embroidery is the result of great digitizing. Great digitizing is the result of an experienced embroiderer/digitizer (that's us) knowing how to use the embroidery software to create the desired results. Our years of experience is what makes our designs look incredible. We take pride in bringing your ideas, your logo, your designs, your thoughts to life with thread.

Creating your design in embroidery is possible. Creating an excellent version of your idea or logo in embroidery is our goal. Let's get together soon and I can show you some possibilities. Give me a call or email me today!